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Zwergschnauzer Pfeffersalz
DÁŠENKA Danky dog, owner: Daniela Chrenková
IRON MAN ORIGINAL Astronaut, owner: Karol Považan

Schnauzer Pfeffersalz
MAFIA Imprese, owner: Jana Mazáková

Riesenschnauzer Schwarz
ENJOY Triumetal, owner: Igor Vraniak

year 2019

Riesenschnauzer Schwarz
VESPER Triumetal own.: Ing. Jaroslava Slačková
own.: Martin Liška

Riesenschnauzer Pfeffersalz
LORRAINE Kelador, own.: Zuzana Straková
, own.: Zuzana Straková
NEFERTARI Kelador, own.: Zuzana Straková

ISPU – Club Senior Winner
HESTIA Kelador, 
own.: Zuzana Straková
HORUS Kelador, 
own.: Zuzana Straková

year 2015

Riesenschnauzer Schwarz
FELICITAS Kelador, own.: Zuzana Straková
JESABELL Kelador, own: Zuzana Straková

year 2014

Riesenschnauzer Schwarz
, own: Jaroslava Slačková

Riesenschnauzer Pfeffersalz
HESTIA Kelador, own: Zuzana Straková
HORUS Kelador, own: Zuzana Straková

Regulations for the ISPU-Titles

1. Following titles can be given first from show season 2000, by all members of the ISPU countries
The members themselves have the authority and the way of acting, how to request and the presentation of the Titles.

2. The granting of the proposal cards will be in every membership countries the same, as following up:

2.1 The granting of the proposal cards can be given at every special show, were also will be given the CAC, Club champion and so on.

The proposal cards for the title of ISPU-CLUBYOUTH-WINNER will be given to the dogs in the Youth class.

a) (in the countries with the highest qualification “very good” in Youth class) VG 1.
b)  in the countries with the highest qualification “excellent” in Youth class) Ex. 1.

2.1.2 The proposal cards for the ISPU-CLUB-WINNER will be given in all classes (except the Youth – and Senior or Veteran class) these dogs with Ex. 1.

2.1.3 The proposal cards for the ISPU-CLUBSENIOR-WINNER the will be given to all placed dogs in the Senior or Veteran class.

3. If you are supplying the proposal cards, the costs are € 0.75, for every dog which is entered into the catalogue, € 0.50 will be send to the cashier of the ISPU. For the ISPU show, which is happening every year, will be send € 1.75 for each dog to the cashier of the ISPU.

4. The ISPU countries admit the given proposals from each other. Every club will exchange every proposal model from each other.

5. The ISPU-Titles are not permitted, by regulation of the FCI, to start into the champion class.

6. The granting of the titles ISPU-CLUB-WINNER, ISPU-CLUBYOUTH-WINNER and ISPU-CLUBSENIOR-WINNER will be done in each own ISPU – country in her own account, and every dog need to have 3 proposal cards, and 1 card should be got at the ISPU show, what will be happening only one time every year or at the “Jahressiegerauslese” of the Pinscher Schnauzer Klub 1895 e.V.. On this show and the Jahressiegerauslese of the PSK this proposal will be given to all the dogs, in adult class, who have received Excellent or in the youth class Excellent (Very Good). In the Senior and Veteran class to all the placed dogs, will be given this proposal. For the granting of the title ISPU-CLUBYOUTH-WINNER it is possible to take two proposal cards from the youth-class (one of the ISPU Show) and the next card of other classes up to an age of 24 months. This proposal card is not be able to take for other titles.

The granting of the day-title (ISPU-Show) ISPU-Youth-Winner will be given to all the dogs, who have received in the youth class Excellent 1 (Very Good 1) this proposal.

The granting of the day-title (ISPU-Show) ISPU-Winner will be given (to this dog) after judging the classes in the competition of all dogs, which have received in adult class Excellent 1 this proposal. The granting of the day-title (ISPU-Show) ISPU-Senior-Winner will be given to all these dogs, which are placed at First in the Senior or Veteran class.