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Results of the Club shows

XXIV. Specialty Show Nová Baňa 04.06.22 RESULTS  |  PHOTOS
III. Specialty Show CC Tesáre – Nové Mlyny 12.9.2021 RESULTS and PHOTO
XXXIV. Club Show CAC Tesáre – Nové Mlyny 11.9.2021 RESULTS  and PHOTO
XXIII. Specialty Schnauzer Show  Nová Baňa 06.06.2021 RESULTS a PHOTOS
XXII. Schnauzer Specialty Show CAC Tesáre 13.09.2020 RESULTS and PHOTOS
XXXIII. Schnauzer Club Show CAC Tesáre 12.09.2020 RESULTS and PHOTOS 
II. Schnauzer Specialty Show CC Chvojnica 15.09.2019 RESULTS and PHOTOS
XXXII. Schnauzer Club Show CAC Chvojnica 14.09.2019 RESULTS and PHOTOS
XXI. Schnauzer Specialty Show CAC Nová Baňa 19.05.2019  CATALOG and RESULTS and PHOTOS
II. Anniversary Schnauzer Club Schow CAC Chvojnica 06.05.2018 CATALOG AND RESULTS and  FINAL COMPETITIONS CATALOG BOTH DAYS
XX. Schnauzer Specialty Show CAC Chvojnica 05.05.2018  CATALOG AND RESULTS and FINAL COMPETITIONS  CATALOG BOTH DAYS
I. Schnauzer Club Show CC without CAC titulu CAC Nová Baňa 10.09.2017  CATALOG AND RESULTS 
 XXX. Schnauzer Club Shows Nová Baňa 09.09.2017 CATALOG and RESULTS 
XIX. Schnauzer Specialty Show Bratislava Incheba 01.04.2017 PHOTOCATALOG and RESULTS
XXIX. Schnauzer Club Show Bratislava 04.11.2016 CATALOGRESULTS a PHOTOGALLERY
XVIII. Schnauzer Specialty Show Nový Tekov 28.05.2016 PHOTOCATALOG and RESULTS
XXVIII. Schnauzer Club Show Bratislava 23.10.2015 CATALOG, RESULTS and PHOTOGALLERY
I. Anniversary Club Show Jasenie 31.05.2015 PHOTO show, PHOTOdinnerCATALOG and RESULTS
XVII. Schnauzer Specialty Show Jasenie 30.05.2015 PHOTORESULTS
XXVII. Schnauzer Club Show Nitra 28.11.2014 FOTO,  CATALOG and RESULTS
XVI. Schnauzer Specialty Show Jasenie – 24. mája 2014 FOTOKATALÓG a VÝSLEDKY
XXVI. Schnauzer Club Show Nitra 29.11.2013 FOTOCATALOG and RESULTS
XV. Schnauzer Specialty Show  PODHÁJSKA 26.5.2013 FOTOCATALOG and RESULTS
XXV. Schnauzer Club Show Nitra 30.11.2012, CATALOG a RESULTS
XIV. Schnauzer Specialty Show Bratislava 11.5. 2012 FOTO, RESULTS
XXIV. Schnauzer Club Show Svit 10.9. 2011 fotogaléria I. , fotogaléria II. videoRESULTS
XXIII. Schnauzer Club Show 19.11.2010 – Nitra fotogalériaRESULTS
XII. Schnauzer Specialty Show – 1.5.2010 – Svit fotogalériaRESULTS
XII. Schnauzer Club Show Viničné 11.10.2009 RESULTS
Schnauzer Specialty Show 28.03.2009 RESULTS
XXI. Schnauzer Club Show Nitra 01.11.2008 VÝSLEDKY
Schnauzer Specialty Show 29.3.2008 RESULTS
XX. Schnauzer Club Show Nitra 3.11.2007
Schnauzer Specialty Show 17.03.2007 RESULTS
Schnauzer Club Show Nitra 4.11.2006 RESULTS
Schnauzer Specialty Show Nitra 18.3.2006