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Club Competitions

Exhibition awards received from 1 January of that year until 31 December of that year shall be counted towards the competition.

  • the competition is listed for all size and color shocks that the KCHPB 
  • the individual entered into the competition must be entered in the Slovak studbook
  • the owner of the individual (including the co-owner) who participates in the competition must be a member of the KCHPB

  • the exhibition prizes received from 1.1. to 31.12. of the current year at exhibitions organized under the auspices of SKJ in Slovakia, with minimum CAC (ie Special, Club, National, National, International), European Exhibition, World Exhibition and ISPU.
  • the person who gets the highest number of points in its size and color and meets the required limit, gets the title TOP SCHNAUZER

  • the ranking of all signed-in individuals will be posted on the website
  • individuals will be awarded a diploma

Every member of the KCHPB member is involved in the competition, the scores are taken from the SLOVAKIA DOG CUP ranking, which adds the results from club exhibitions organized by KCHPB SR.

If the individual participates in the European Exhibition, the World Exhibition and the ISPU, please send a photocopy of the results to: [email protected].

Missing and inaccurate results to claim at:
e-mail: [email protected]
mobil: +421948161541

The official announcement of the results of the competition will be 30th of the given year. The most successful of all (with the highest number of points, regardless of size and color) will be rewarded with a shotgun at a special show, which the owner has to take personally.